January 2023

Congrats to our Ph.D. candidate Raya Ifraemov for publishing a research article in Solar RRL and being selected as the editor’s choice!

In this work we show that a CoTCPP-based MOF, Co-MOF-525, can produce CH4, an 8e/8H+ CO2 reduction product when the light illumination is added during electrochemical operation, reaching an FE of ≈14% at −0.49 VNHE. Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical analysis revealed that under illumination, a large concentration of holes are accumulated, in the form of oxidized [Co(III)TCPP]+ species. In turn, this [Co(III)TCPP]+ species can bind CO favorably, thus stabilizing it for further electroreduction to CH4.

Check it out!